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The 21 Question Types - GL Assessment

GL Assessment base their Verbal Reasoning Questions around 21 different topics. These are usually numbered in the way below by various publishers

1. Insert a Letter

The same letter must be used to begin and end each pair of letters. Example: (for now) (win ale) Answer: k

2. Two Odd Ones Out Example: Kid kitten horse lamb goat Answers: horse goat

3. Related Words A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Example: Use the alphabet to work out the following: If the code for PART is SDUW, what is the code for ZLXQ? Answer: COAT

4. Closest in Meaning (Synonyms) Find the words one from each group, that are closest in meaning Example: (habitat live save) (storm shelter arrive) Answers: habitat shelter

5. Hidden Word Find a four letter word hidden between two of the other words in the sentence. Example: The big old cat was hungry Answer: gold

6. Missing Word (a type of cloze question) The word in capitals has had 3 consecutive letters removed. Complete the sentence by finding the three letter missing word Example: The tennis player f _ _ _ d her opponent with confidence. Answer: ACE

7. Letters for Numbers Each letter stands for a number. Find the correct answer and the matching letter. Example: a = 6 b = 2 c = 8 d = 10 e = 9 What is c x b – a = ? Answer: d

8. Move a Letter Move one letter from the first word and place it in the second word to form two new words Example: SPAT OUR Answer: P

9. Letter Series A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Find the pair of letters that completes the series Example: AZ BY CX DW EV ? ANSWER: FU

10. Word Analogies – Sometimes Named Word Connections Find the two words, one from each group of words, that best completes the sentence Example: sparrow is to (nest feather bird) as badger is to (nocturnal river sett) Answer: nest sett

11. Number Series Find the number that comes next in the series of numbers Example: 3 6 9 12 ? Answer: 15

12. Compound Words Take one word from each set of words to create a new word (early book read) (shelf skim king) Answer: bookshelf

13. Make a New Word (Using two Pairs of Words) By looking at the letters of each word, complete the second part in the same way as the first part is completed. Example: host (stop) pill lame ( ) note Answer: mean

14. Letter Combinations A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Find the two letters that will complete the sentence correctly. PX is to QW as TV is to ? Answer: U U

15. Applying Logic to Written Information Working at the same rate, if it takes 5 children 20 minutes to complete a test, how long will it take 10 children? Answer: 20 minutes

16. Opposite Meaning (Antonyms) Find one word from each group to find two opposite words Find one word from each group to give two opposite words X red S dull Y bright T rust Z calm U cyan Answer: Y S

17. Find the Sum Example: 31 – 11 = 15 + ? Answer: 5

18. Matching Number Sets Math the third set of numbers in the same way as the first two sets are matched Example: (3 (12) 4) (5 (30) 6) (7 ( ? ) 9) Answer: 63

19. Word/Number Codes Three of the words on the second line are codes for three of the four words on the top line. Match these codes in order to complete the questions. Example: MICE MITE NOTE MOAN 8613 7913 7943

Find the word that matches the code 1683 Answer: TONE

20. Complete the Word (Using three pairs of words) Find the word that completes the third pair in the same way as the first two pairs are completed Example: chant (cat) train (tan) ferry ( ? ) Answer: FRY

21. Same Meaning One word from each pair of words will go equally well with the options a – e Example: (distance extensive) (wish desire)

a. width b. far c. dream d. long e. promise

Answer: long


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