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Our Resources

We have created a Free Downloadable Resource Pack with example questions similar to the ones your child might find in the GL Style 11+ Test. Keep scrolling down to find out "How to" video series where we explain different aspects of the grammar school process. 

Our directors Ian and Liz have both published 11+ books, which can be bought from Amazon.  Find out more below: 

        -  The Big 11+ Word Power Book

        - The Big 11+ Vocabulary Play Book 

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Click the image to download!

The "How to"

Video Series

How to Video Series

Useful Websites

Features 11+ Resources including some for free. Make sure you are using GL resources as the website also has resources for the CEM test. 

Includes a variety of tests and quizzes for children in KS2

Useful for downloadable Maths Worksheets

A great website with resources from Woodlands School

Bond Publishers has the option of downloading free resources and practice papers if you sign up to their page. 

Maths and English Resources

Flashcards and practice tests. Search for the resources you want at the top (e.g. "11plus" or "Maths") and have a look at the study sets.

Useful Websites
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