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Spy Experience Training Day


Saturday 22nd August | 9:00am



Our Spy Experience Training Day is for young people aged 9-11 that love solving puzzles, cracking codes and using gadgets!


We are looking for young people aged 9-11 that would like to learn new spy skills and build their confidence when tackling challenging situations.


The training day is an immersive experience led by highly qualified and experienced educators.


We will be learning about:

· surveillance and information gathering techniques

· developing observation skills to be more aware of the world around us

· creating and cracking codes using a number of methods

· field skills and how to use everyday objects for ingenious espionage activities

· self defence and safety skills for agents on-location


We also have a fantastic range of cool high tech gadgets that we will be using such as a thermal imaging camera, hidden cameras, walkie talkies, gadget pens, hidden safes, field microscope and many more!  Our amazing laser tag game system is always very popular!


We have a number of identical training days throughout the year.

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