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Not sure where to start?

Moving from primary to secondary school can be overwhelming at the best of times. If you are new to the 11plus it can feel overwhelming trying to decide whether or not to use a tutor, what resources you should buy (if at all!) and what the actual process entails!

All parents and carers are welcome to come along to any of our free Parent/Carer Support Evenings. The online meetings centre of supporting you with learning more about the test, how the grammar school process works and trips and tricks on how you can help your child. They usually take place roughly every six weeks!


Grammar Schools

Find out more about the grammar school process in Gloucestershire including key dates to remember, the application and results process and appeals. 

Preparing for the

11plus Test

What is GL Assessment? How do you choose resources? Can you prepare for the test without a tutor? Read on to find out more about the GL Style 11plus test.


If you've ever been on any 11plus forums, you will have seen a number of different opinions about how to prepare for the 11plus test. We've tried to "mythbust" some of the most common assumptions we've come across!

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