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My child is in Year 4

Whilst we don’t recommend any formal tutoring for the 11plus when your children are in Year 4, there are things that you can do to help them prepare. Much of the 11plus test is based on the school curriculum (particularly Maths and Comprehension) so supporting them with school work set by their teachers will also help them with the 11plus. Part of handling the verbal reasoning questions is having a good vocabulary. You can help your child develop their vocabulary in a number of ways such as by encouraging them to read (or reading with them), playing vocabulary based games (e.g. scrabble, or online word games) or just by talking to them! There are 11plus workbooks aimed at children in this age group if you decide this is how you would like to help them prepare.

For Year 4 children, we offer:

  • Free Parent/Carer Information Evenings: We have two information evenings, one for parents/carers in Year 4 and another for Year 5. In the Year 4 information evenings, we talk about the Grammar School process as well as hints and tips for helping your child with 11plus skills without necessarily sitting down in front of practice papers. Please note that we run several Parent/Carer Information Evenings throughout the year. If none are showing on the link then check back in the future or get in touch with us to find out when the next one will be.

  • Get Ready for the 11+ Fun Day: Our Fun Day is the ultimate 11plus fun summer get together for children in Year 4 who will be moving into Year 5 in September. The day is helpful for those considering taking the 11plus test but is also aimed at all children as the skills learned will help with the general school curriculum. Tickets are only £20 for the day!

If you’d like to be kept up to date with any changes to the 11plus or news about events and parent/carer support evenings we recommend you sign up for our learning community! We only email you about the above and you won’t receive any spam from us.

Pictures taken at our 2023 Get Ready for the 11+ Fun Day (Year 4)



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