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Privacy Policy

Cotswold Education is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a partnership  and Dr Ian Todd is the “controller” of data.  Cotswold Education is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

Data held

We collect and hold personal contact information on parents and students which is relevant to the individual’s attendance at our events. 

The method by which we obtain this data is via our website and our event ticketing processor and administrator,  When you provide this information, you give us permission to hold and use it solely for the purpose of appropriate administration for our education events.  This usage is considered a legitimate interest for our mutual benefit. 

If you agree to be added to our mailing list, usually during ticket registration, we will contact you intermittently regarding our events. We will never pass your details onto third party organisations.

Photographs may be taken for marketing purposes, but permission will be requested in advance of this, via our ticket registration process.  Images will be used only for marketing Cotswold Education’s legitimate business activities. On occasion these images may be used electronically if they are to be used in appropriate advertisements.

Data usage

  1. Contact information is used for administration of events you are attending so that we may contact you with relevant information, including details of the event and sending reports or results to you after the event.

  2. Anonymised data is held by us concerning the results from our Mock Tests. This is to allow us to use historical data for ranking and information purposes.

Data storage                                                                     

All electronic data is stored securely and all physical data is kept in supervised or locked storage.  In the unlikely event of a breach of data security we will notify you and the relevant authorities.  If you believe that your data rights or security have been breached please contact me as soon as possible. 

Your rights

If you wish to change or delete the data held about you, or if you have any concerns about your data please contact us directly.  If you wish to access the information which is held, this will be provided as soon as possible and within one month.

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