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11+ Masterclasses


Multiple Dates and Courses Available



Our masterclasses are a chance to get to master individual elements of the 11+ Test. We have picked some of the most tricky components of the GL exam in Gloucestershire, and are offering for each, a 60 minute, online, interactive session to help children get to grips with them. Once the children have a clear understanding of what is involved, we will provide tips and tricks to support shortcuts that will enable them to reach answers more quickly.

There are no limits to the number of sessions you can join - content won't be repeated. Topics include:

  • 11th June - 6:15pm: Verbal Reasoning 2 (Related Words, Matching Number Sets & Same Meaning)

  • 18th June - 6:15pm: Maths - Shapes & Angles

  • 2nd July - 6:15pm: Non-Verbal Reasoning 2 (Sequences, Find Matching Image & Matrices

  • 9th July - 6:15pm: Verbal Reasoning 3 (Word Analogies, Applying Logic and Hidden Word)

  • 16th July - 6:15pm: Maths - Arithmetic

  • 23rd July - Verbal Reasoning 4 (Antonyms, Compound Words and Two Odd Ones Out)

  • 27th August - Ready for Anything!

Each session will be on Zoom and taught by two of our highly qualified, DBS-checked team members.

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