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My child is in Year 5

If you’ve joined any forums or 11plus groups you will have found that there are lots of different views about helping your child prepare for the 11plus, whether or not to get a private tutor and grammar schools generally! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of this information, we recommend that you come to one of our Parent/Carer Information Evenings where we will talk about all of the above and more (please note that we run several Parent/Carer Information Evenings throughout the year - if none are showing when you click the link then get in touch with us to find out when the next one is due to be).

Pictures taken at our 11plus Mock Tests and Summer Hub.

Regardless of whether you decide private tutoring is an option, we recommend that your child has some preparation, in the same way as if they were doing their GCSEs or A Levels. Much of the 11plus test is based on the school curriculum (particularly Maths and Comprehension) so supporting them with school work set by their teachers will also help them with the 11plus. Part of handling the verbal reasoning questions is having a good vocabulary. You can help your child develop their vocabulary in a number of ways such as by encouraging them to read (or reading with them), playing vocabulary based games (e.g. scrabble, or online word games) or just by talking to them! It is likely that it will be helpful for your child to try a couple of practice papers just to get a feel of what the test looks like, develop exam technique and so that they have a good idea of what the questions are asking.

Take a look at “Do-it-Yourself or Tutoring” for more ideas about how you can support your child.

For Year 5 children, we offer:

  • Free Parent/Carer Information Evenings: We have two information evenings, one for parents/carers in Year 4 and another for Year 5. In the Year 5 information evenings, we talk about the Grammar School process and tips for how you can help your child prepare. As we go through the year, the theme of the information evenings will change including how to complete the common application form and handling appeals. Anyone you has been to one of our events (listed below) is also able to access a free consultation following the grammar school test results. We can offer you advice on what your scores mean and what options you have.  Please note that we run several Parent/Carer Information Evenings throughout the year - if none are showing when you click the link then get in touch with us to find out when the next one is due to be.

  • 11plus Mock Tests: Our Mock Tests give year 5 children the authentic grammar school entrance test experience using the NEW GL test. This event includes the mock papers and a detailed report of how your child did including rankings

  • 11plus Short Courses: We offer two short courses. Both run online, one in the Easter holidays (Online 11+ Spring Short Course) and the other in Summer (Online "Grammar Crammer" 11+ Summer Short Course). The online short course runs for 2 hours over 5 days (Monday to Friday). The short courses cover the same content and the only difference is the in-person or online format. A great alternative or supplement to private tutoring.

  • 11plus Summer Camp: Our summer events are a great way to learn more about the skills required to succeed in the 11plus in a fun relaxed environment. The Summer Camp (previously known as “The Hub”) is a full day event focusing on all of the skills required in the GL Test.

  • 11plus Masterclasses: Our masterclasses are a chance to get to master individual elements of the 11+ Test. We have picked some of the most tricky components of the GL exam in Gloucestershire and created 60 minute, online, interactive sessions to help children get to grips with them. The masterclasses begin in May 2024 and there is no limit on how many your child can attend.

  • 11plus Weekly Tuition Course: New for 2023/2024, we are running 2 x 10 week Online Tuition Courses, one before Christmas and the other ending in April. The course covers all elements of the 11plus paper as well as practice papers.

We often add events throughout the year, so for an up-to-date list of our current events, please visit out event calendar.



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