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"The best tutors have 95-100% success rates"

When it comes to grammar schools, it can sometimes be difficult to know what the facts are. We're starting a Friday #Mythbusters series over the coming weeks to explore some of the statements you may see in forums or other online groups. Our Myth Buster for this week is "The best tutors have a 95-100% success rate".

It is a common misconception that excellent tutors necessarily have the highest success rate in terms of grammar school acceptance rates. If you decide using a tutor is the best way forward for your child’s 11+ preparation, there are a number of considerations, the most important being that they have an up-to-date DBS background check, references, a good rapport with your child and yourselves, and knowledge of the exact exam your child will be taking.

"Check they have an up-to-date DBS, references, a good rapport with your child and knowledge of the exam your child will be taking"

So why isn’t a very high acceptance rate topping the list? Some tutors are only prepared to tutor children that are already performing at a very high level in their academic work, whilst others take on children that have the potential to do well in grammar even though they are not at the same academic starting point. Another factor is that in all likelihood, your ‘excellent pass rate’ tutor will expect a lot of at homework to be done.

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