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"If my child doesn't get in, they have no chance of going to grammar school".

This week in our myth busters series we'll be looking at the statement:

If my child doesn’t get in, they have no chance of going to grammar school.

Taking this at the point by when an appeal has been denied and/or their place on a waiting list was not reached and there is no place for the child at the beginning of Year 7, the statement is wrong.

If you feel that your child would be better off in grammar, there is still the possibility of entering in later years. Each year a few children will leave the schools, and this means that places become available. The individual school will offer testing days for their school, and a place for the following school year can sometimes be secured. Most families choose not to take this path as their children settle into whichever school they have joined, but the opportunity is there.

Alternatively, there is a lot of flexibility at sixth form. At this point the schools will usually accept all of their current students as long as they receive a minimum score at GCSE, but increase their year group sizes for sixth form, offering a considerable number of new places.

Just because your child didn't pass the 11plus test does not mean that they will never go to a grammar school. If you really feel that grammar school is right for your child, check with the schools to find out whether they have any spaces or wait until Year 11 when a lot of children change schools.

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