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Our Parents' Support Meeting (for any school year parent) will help you learn more about the test itself, how to answer the different kind of questions and valuable tips and tricks on how to help your child prepare for the test.  Ideal if you are considering tutoring your child yourself or just to be informed on supporting other work your child is doing for the test.

Our Assessment Test Morning is perfect to give you an idea of the level of your child's 11+ test performance compared to others.  It will give you some information on whether to proceed with more formal preparation and there is plenty of time to ask questions. It's for parents and children in years 4 and 5.

The Six Session 11+ Course helps build your child's knoweldge and skills in English, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning over six two-hour weekly sessions. We use contemporary learning techniques to make the course fun, informative and interactive. We even have family activities for your to do at home!

Our Mock Tests give year 5 children the authentic grammar school entrance test experience. 

Our Hub days are great to learn more about the skills required to succeed in the 11+. The Spring Hub helps develop 11+ Skills, while our Summer Hubs are a great fun way to revise in a more relaxed summer environment.


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Friday Evening 13th March 2020 7.00 - 10.00 pm

Christ Church Centre, Malvern Road, Cheltenham  GL50 2JH

Help prepare your child for the grammar school test in a supportive, fun, environment


Are you confused about the grammar school test? Not sure what kind of questions it has? Worried about whether you have the skills to be able to help your child? You're not alone. Come to this fun, relaxed learning evening where we'll help build your confidence to a point where you'll be able to help your children tackle grammar school test questions.

We'll start the evening with a brief introduction to the grammar school test and discuss the reasons why you might not feel confident in supporting your child in preparation for the test. You may have seen some impossible looking questions that puts you off being able to help, but with some knowledge on how the questions work you can be in a much better position to offer support.

You'll get tips and tricks on how to answer the whole range of grammar school questions from comprehension to verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics- all in a relaxed, friendly environment with free refreshments.

The evening ends with a fun pub-style quiz where you can try out what you've learnt and maybe win a prize!

You'll leave feeling more knowledgeable and might even save a small fortune in tutoring costs. Or you might just want to give a little extra support to your child in between teaching sessions and help with the odd question.

Still not sure if it's right for you? Give us a call or drop us an email for more information or a chat!

Parents' Support Meeting  for the 11+ Test
The 11+ Six Session Learning Course
Friday evenings starting on 29th May at 4.40-6.30 pm for six session

Christ Church Centre, Malvern Road, Cheltenham  GL50 2JH

Our accelerated learning course enables your child to get to grips with the basics of the 11+ test in just six weeks

Our carefully designed course is a cost effective alternative or supplement to tuition, enabling students to understand the range of skills required for the Gloucestershire grammar school entrance test.

Each week includes elements of English, non-verbal and numerical skills, led by our highly experienced and qualified education professionals. The sessions are interactive and encourage the students to engage in active learning. By the end of the course the children should have increased confidence to tackle a range of CEM 11+ test questions, but will also have enhanced knowledge and skills of the school curriculum to help them in their day to day lessons.

Please note this event is for Year 5 children and is stricly limited to 16 children to ensure the students get the best possible experience from the course.

The 11+ Assessment Test Morning
Saturday Morning 21st March, 2020

Christ Church Centre, Malvern Road, Cheltenham  GL50 2JH

Our introductory event for parents and children in Gloucestershire school years 4 and 5

Our 11+ Assessment Test Morning is designed to help students applying for Gloucestershire grammar schools that are currently in school years 4 or 5.  Your child takes a mock grammar school test while you attend a Q and A session on how to support your child. A detailed report on your child's performance is emailed after the event.

The ticket price includes all of the following:

  • Interactive Q and A session with experienced educators.

  • Information booklet on applying for grammar school and suggested reading list.

  • Supervised Mock Test for the children. Year 4 and 5 students get different tests to reflect their development.

  • Detailed report giving raw marks, percentages and ranking of those taking this test. There are also suggestions and recommendations based on your child's performance, including inviglator's comments.

  • Free refreshments throughout the morning.

  • Fully trained DBS checked staff available during the morning for informal discussions.

  • No hidden extras!

Staff will be available throughout the morning for informal discussions. Free refreshments will be provided

Note that places are strictly limited for this event.

Please contact us for any questions on the event.

11+ Grammar School Mock Tests
Saturdays am or pm - 25th April, 23rd May, 13th June and 25th July, 2020

Christ Church Centre, Malvern Road, Cheltenham  GL50 2JH

The authentic experience of the Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Test for year 5 students

Our Grammar School Mock Tests gives an authentic experience of the Entrance test for Year 5 children.

The Tests comprise of two full length papers taken under supervised test conditions with other children. There is a refreshment break between the papers. 

Parents may remain in the centre waiting room with free refreshments during the test or return at the end of the test to collect the children.

A full individually prepared report with raw marks, percentage marks and ranking position will be emailed to you within 14 days of the test.  A summary of your child's performance and recommendations are also provided.

The tests are designed to be challenging for even the most able students, whilst enabling all students to gain experience of test conditions . Our staff are highly experienced and DBS checked and will do their best to ensure that the Test is a positive, informative and rewarding experience for your child. 

Please note that the test papers have been prepared by us specifically for these events. They are not papers that your child will have taken previously, so you can attend in confidence that this will be a new test for them. Each event has different papers, so you can attend all four without repetition.

The session's programme is as follows (approximate timings for mornings and afternoons respectively):

09.15 am/12.15 pm  Arrival and Registration

09.30 am/12.30 pm  Introduction to the test

09.40 am/12.40 pm  Test 1: 50 minutes

10.30 am/1.30 pm    Break for refreshments

10.45 am/1.45 pm    Test 2: 50minutes

11.35 am/2.35 pm    End

Staff will be available throughout the sessionfor informal discussions. Free refreshments will be provided

Note that places are strictly limited for these events.

Please contact us for any questions on the event.

The Summer Hub - Eleven Plus Revision and Tips
Wednesday 22nd/Thursday 23rd July and Tuesday 18th/Wednesday 19th August, 2020
Witcombe and Bentham Village Hall, Pilcroft Road,  Witcombe  GL3 4TB

Summer grammar learning in a relaxed and fun atmosphere

Our Hub is staffed by talented and innovative educators who know how to support your child's learning and yet respond to more relaxed summer dynamic by making learning fun. Teaching is delivered in small groups with individual attention given to each child. Our Hub sessions are carefully crafted to support all of the elements of the grammar school exam paper using a mixture of digital learning, workbook based activities and practical kinetic dynamic group work.

The Hub runs over two days – 9.00 a.m. until 3.00 p.m. and is carefully structured to optimise your child’s learning and keep them engaged and interested.  The Hub covers all four elements of the grammar school exam over the two days and is intended to help students improve their skills in mathematics, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and comprehension.   We also cover exam and relaxation technique methods to manage those exam day nerves.  Parents/guardians are very welcome to attend this short session at the end of the second day.

The Hub includes all the following:

  • Active ice breaker session

  • Workbook including 

    • Sessions on how to tackle Comprehension tests

    • Sessions on Verbal Reasoning question types and how to solve them

    • Sessions on tips and tricks for Mathematical tasks

    • Sessions on Non-Verbal Reasoning and patterns 

  • Free light refreshments (dietary needs catered for)

  • Experienced, DBS cleared friendly staff

  • No hidden extras! Just provide a packed lunch.

Fee Reduction Available: If you have previously attended one of our Mock Mornings you can get a 10% discount for the Hub.

Contact us for further details and a discount code.

Note that places are strictly limited to 18 children for this event.

Adjacent free car park. Adjacent playing field .  

Please contact us for any questions on the event.


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