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Starting a new school

Regardless of whether your child got into their preferred school, took the test, or didn’t in the end, secondary school transition can be both a difficult and exciting time! It is very normal that they (or yourself!) may be feeling a mixture of emotions about leaving their primary school and friends to go to a new school. Secondary schools can feel a bit scary – and there are lots of myths around them!

There is lots of support for managing the transition. Often, secondary school teachers will visit pupils in their primary schools and they may also have a visit before the end of year 6. The first few weeks in September are usually around helping new Year 7s learn their way around school and who their new teachers are. Ask your primary schools what they do in Year 6 to help pupils transition.

There are also lots of useful online resources to help:

Whether you came to all of our events, some of our events or you’re visiting us for the first time, we hope that your child has an enjoyable start to secondary school. Good luck!



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