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Cotswold Education is an established learning community for children, parents and tutors. We are specialists in grammar school preparation with many years experience of preparing children and their parents for the Eleven Plus test.

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New to the 11+ or need a refresher?​

If you 're new to the grammar school application process, need a refresher or just want to talk to our experts, and other parents' on the whole process come to our FREE 11+ Parents' Preparation Meeting. Join  Join our mailing list for dates of our next meetings.

Not sure if your child is a likely to get a grammar school place?

You may be wondering whether the 11+ and grammar school is right for your child. Is it worth investing time and money on preparation? Might you child become demotivated and anxious about the whole process if they are finding it difficult to deal with the academic requirements?  Take our Assessment Test to guage your child's response to 11+ questions with a detailed report on their performance.  Best suited to late Year 4 or early Year 5 children.

Need a short course to get up to speed?

Whether or not you have a tutor, our 11+ Online Summer School will help your child develop and consolidate their understanding of comprehension, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics. Our live online sessions are led by our highly experienced and qualified tutors in a relaxed but professional learning environment.  Book our 11+ Summer School for a great understandiing of the topics in the test.

Want to get practice of 11+ mock tests in the comfort of your home?

If your child is apprehensive about doing a test under formal examination conditions you can do a mock at home if you book one of our At Home 11+ Mock Tests. You'll also get an individual report on the test with ranking and recommendations, just like the On Location tests. Book an At Home test here.

Looking for the 'on location' experience of the 11+ test with others?

As your child gains confidence it's really helpful for them to take the test with other children under more fomal examination conditions with invigilators and timed examination sections as found in the real CEM test. Book our On Location 11+ Mock Tests for the authentic conditions and a detailed report with detailed ranking, recommendations and predictions for likely grammar school places. SOLD OUT FOR 2020-21 

Wondering how to make summer fun and educational?

The summer break is well deserved at the end of the school year, but you may want your child to keep up the momentum of grammar school preparation in a more fun and relaxed environment. Our Summer Hubs offer two days of fun, games, competition and learning with friendly and highly experienced leaders. Book our Summer Hub for a fun way to prepare for the 11+. Only a few places remaining.

Worried about final preparations for the real test?

When it's just a couple of weeks to the test you may feel your child would benefit from a last minute refresher of the things they need to know for the test. We'll also give lots of hints and tips for children (and parents!) to make the lead up to the test day as calm and stress-free as possible. Book our 11+ Revision Day to quell those last minute nerves.

Anything else?

We also have additional FREE events and resources throughout the year for our Cotswold Education Learning Community such as meetings on how to fill out the application form, understanding the results emails and what to do if you're worried about your school allocation.

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You may also find our youtube channel videos helpful, including 'How To... in 3 minutes'

Need a more detailed consulation about your child? Talk to one of our experts.

Call us on 07976 218062 or email cotswoldeducationuk@gmail.com for a friendly chat about how we can help you prepare for grammar school and the 11+ Test.

Our Upcoming Events


As government regulations change we will continue to implement measures to maximise the safety of everyone in our community. This means that staff will continue to use masks and sanitisers for all our physical events over the summer.  Children will still not need to wear masks at our events but we encourage the use of regular hand sanitising.

All Events At A Glance

11+ Mock Tests

The 11+ test experience for Gloucestershire grammar school entrance.

The test comprises of two CEM style papers carried out under examination conditions with experienced invigilators. Each paper consists of timed sections covering comprehension, verbal reasoning, numerical skills and non-verbal reasoning.

We send you a report with your child's score and ranking for each type of question. We also provide a prediction on grammar schools your child would be likely to be offered using data from our tests in previous years.

SOLD OUT for 2020-21

NEW Year 4 11+ Summer Camp!

Our Summer Camp is the ultimate fun summer grammar crammer for Year 4 children who are considering taking the 11+. However, it is suitable for any Year 4 child since the skills being developed will be appropriate for any child moving into Year 5 and the focus is on activities and games rather than formal academic sessions.

25th August 2021

The Online 11+ Summer School

Our summer school enables your child to consolidate their 11+ skills and build confidence. Our carefully designed course is a cost effective alternative or supplement to tuition, enabling students to understand the range of skills required for CEM style grammar school entrance tests.

Each session has extension activities for the children to carry out independently or with the family each afternoon, helping students further develop their understanding of the 11+ test topics.

August 2nd-6th 2021

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