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It's been quite a year and here at Cotswold Education we thought we would try and raise our spirits with a Christmas Competition featuring Santa Claus!

Santa is streaming on Facebook every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on 4th December and ending on 16th December. Don't worry if you've missed a day as you can watch all previous streams on Facebook or our Youtube channel.

The competition has now ended but you can still watch the clues to solve the puzzle. The answers and the winner are on our facebook page here.

Clue 1. What number did Santa guess you were thinking of?

Clue 2. What is the number hiding on our resources page?

Clue 3. How much, in pounds is the hat Santa bought for his wife?

Clue 4. How many reindeer did Santa take out for exercise?

Clue 5. In the song, The 12 days of Christmas, how many ladies are dancing?

Clue 6. Santa often says "FM, FM, FM, KCPPW AFPGQRKYQ!"

Using this code what number does the code CGEFR stand for?