Comprehension Questions for the 11+: 1. Getting Your Child Reading

June 3, 2018



Comprehension tests are now part of the 11+ test for grammar school entrance in Gloucestershire. Like most aspects of the test, some children are great at comprehension and others find it really challenging. 

Generally speaking, and this is a pretty gross generalisation, those children that read enjoy reading a lot will find these tasks easier. It's simply that they are used to understanding the meaning of text as it builds a story. It makes sense, then, to encourage your child to read more, if they are a bit of a reluctant reader.  They key, of course, is to find a book, an author, or a series which engages your child so they really want to read. 

You might want to suggest books you enjoyed as a child as a starting point, but are concerned they will seem old fashioned to your children. However, you may be surprised how classic stories are still as appealing today as they've always been, so give them a try.

You can also get recommendations from your children's friends and parents, but if you're stuck for ideas why not have a look at the list of books at the bottom of our resources page? There are some old classics and some that you may not have heard of. We're adding new books regularly so do come back and have a look for newly suggested titles.
To get the most out of reading books, it's great if you can find the time to listen to them reading out loud and ask them some questions about the text.  Sometimes children love to talk about the book and sometimes they just want to get on with the story and your questions might be seen as an annoying distraction.  I'll leave it to you to decide how it works best for you both!


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