Surviving the Grammar School Test exam room

January 28, 2018

After all the preparation, anxiety and waiting, it's finally time to go into the exam room.  It's not something you've considered, but it's important to know how to spend the time wisely.


When your child sits down at the desk they will probably be thinking about the questions instead of how their desk is laid out.  We're often surprised in our Mock Tests that many students place their question and answer sheets in awkward positions and spend a lot of time time looking back and forth between the papers.  If you're right handed it's better to have the answer sheet on the right and the question paper on the left. 


It's also important to remember that answers must not be written on the question paper, but it's surprising how many children forget about this or don't follow instruction in the heat of the moment.   They may have to waste time later on trying to rectify this, or worse still could lose all marks for that section.


Each section is strictly timed, so it's important to attempt all the questions, even if guessing is involved near the end. More importantly, if you finish early, it's essential to go back and check as it's really easy to misread the questions and make silly mistakes.


It's important not to get distracted by what other people are doing. Some children might seem to finish early and apparently find the questions easy - but you're struggling with this section. Try to ignore what is happening around you and focus only on the invigilator and the questions in front of you.


Many of us want to use the toilet frequently when we're nervous. So make sure you go to the toilet just before the start of the test and during the break between tests. If you need to go to the toilet during the test, you'll be allowed out, but you won't get any extra time. Given that each section is timed and you can't go back to previous sections, avoid taking a toilet break during the test unless you absolutely have to.


So make sure you're just as prepared for the exam room as you are for the test and you might just get a better mark. Good luck!






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