Is Year 4 too soon to think about Grammar School Entrance?

January 12, 2018


Children take the grammar school entrance test at the start of Year 6. That means most parents tend to start preparing their children with mock tests and/or tuition about halfway through Year 5.  So is Year 4 too soon to be thinking about the test?

There's no definitive answer. Every child is different, but it's probably not a good idea to pile on the pressure too soon. Having said that, many of the elements of the grammar school test are skills that would benefit from some practice anyway, so you could be doing a little work early on without making it obvious that it's grammar school preparation.

If you think your child is ready, you might consider taking them along to a Preparation Morning to have a go at a test with other children in examination conditions.  The event run by Cotswold Education is carried out in a relaxed and supportive environment to try and boost your child's confidence and reduce the fear of test conditions.

The next event is on Saturday 25th February and more details are available here. Give Cotswold Education a call on 07976 218062 for an informal chat and to find out more.

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