How should I prepare my year 6 child for the SATS tests?

January 28, 2017




All year 6 children in England will soon be taking SATS tests at their school. They will probably have been given some test papers by their teacher already and received feedback on how they performed. The new SATS system no longer has formal levels, but children are expected to reach the standard score of 100. Schools may give children guidance on their performance with phrases such as 'working at the required standard' and 'working above the required standard' but this is up to individual schools.


So what should parents be doing to help their children? Well probably not very much in terms of practical preparation, other than the usual support we give our children in all subjects. However, being calm and supportive is a great encouragement and reassurance to children. Unlike the grammar school entrance test, the school is able to specifically prepare the children to know what to expect, so don't worry too much.


Our advice is not to treat SATS week much differently to any other week, but be prepared for the children to be quite tired from all the concentration. You might decide to give them a treat once it's all over, such as a nice meal at your favourite eatery.  Everyone's a winner!





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