Welcome to Fun Fridays!

Things are a bit different right now. You may be spending more time at home than usual, so we've put together some fun activties for 9-12 year olds, but anyone can join in!  Each week there will be six different activites for you to download. All the instructions are included and you can print out the sheets to do the puzzles and activities at home. We'll also be  giving you a family puzzle to solve  and you'll have the whole week to work out the answers. But no cheating and looking online!

The answers are not included with the sheets, but don't worry we'll help you out!

We will livestream the answers and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions. We'll tell you where to find us at the end of the activities for each section and we look forward to meeting you there online!

Next Session Friday 3rd April

Download the six activities below and print out the sheets. See how many of the puzzles you can solve during the day, come back and go to our live broadcast at 4 pm and get all the answers. You can join in by commenting on the video and we'll do our best to answers your questions live!

If you haven't already got it there's also a family puzzle to solve. We'll give out the answer to this online at 4pm on Friday!

Come back on Friday to link to our livestream and get the answers!


Symbolic Scales

Non-verbal Reasoning

Code Breaker

Comprehension & Cloze

Quack Quack





Word Search

Word Search Senses

What Else Do We Do?

We hope you are enjoying fun fridays, but we do lots of other things too such as FREE online support sessions for the 11+ as well as online and physical mock tests.

To find out more about our events and to book your place have a look at our Events Page or contact us for further information using the details at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to be kept up to date on all our events please join our mailing list.

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