Online 11+ Revision Day

Online Class

Confidence Building 11+ Revision

This day-long interactive even with experienced educators will give your children the opportunity to do some last minute revision in a relaxed learning environment. The day is designed for year 5 children preparing for the 11+ exam.

There will be sessions on Comprehension, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.with a focus on revision and tackling CEM style questions. The 3-4pm time slot is available for children and parents to ask any questions they have about preparing for the test.

Our educators will be using video and audio but there is no compulsion for you to use video, although it is nice to see who is taking part. We encourage all the children to participate with the interactive parts of the course and we promise not to make anyone feel awkward. We suggest that parents are with their child or nearby, should they need assistance and are particularly around for the final hour which is open for your questions.

Note that places are strictly limited for these events.

Please contact us for any questions on the event.

Cost: £70