The Online 11+ Short Course

Intensive one week course:       11th-15th April 2022
                                                           15th-19th August 2022

Live with two educators online via Zoom

Consolidating English, Maths and Non-Verbal Skills for the 11+ Test

Our 11+ short course enables your child to consolidate their 11+ skills and build confidence. Our carefully designed course is a cost effective alternative or supplement to tuition, enabling students to understand the range of skills required for CEM style grammar school entrance tests.

The course consists of five two-hour sessions done as a one week intensive course . Each session includes elements of English, non-verbal and numerical skills, led by our highly experienced and qualified education professionals. The sessions are interactive and encourage the students to engage in active learning. By the end of the course the children will have increased their confidence to tackle a range of CEM 11+ test questions, but will also have enhanced knowledge and skills of the school curriculum to help them in their day to day lessons.

There are optional extension activities for the children to carry out independently or with the family following each session, helping students further develop their understanding of the 11+ test topics.


Please note this event is for Year 5 children and is strictly limited to 20 children to ensure the students get the best possible experience from the course.

Cost: £120